Our Products

Our product line mialis combines our quality requirements with your special nutrition needs.

Our BioChlorella is produced exclusively at Bad Zwischenahner Meer according to the German BIO reference standard and European guidelines in the best quality.

Chlorella offers a wide range of essential amino acids as well las important minerals and trace elements such as copper, zinc, manganese and iron. Compared to animal iron sources, e.g.liver, iron from microalgae has the advantage that it can be better absorbed. Besonders Chlorella is especially rich in Protein and Vitamin B12 and therefore well suited for vegetarians and vegans.

The BioChlorella serves as basic substance on our products and product developments. It is either used pure or in an ideal combination with additional natural substances.

Spirulina is the other algae building the basis of several of pur products. Spirulina is the mircoalgae with one of the most harmonious combination of vital nutrients. Spirulina provides valuable trace elements such as iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium in addition to all essential amino acids and it contains the naturally blue pigment Phycocyanin.