Microalgaes – small multitalents

At MIAL, we are thriving to support peoples health, vitality and well-being by producing premium-quality, bio-certified chlorella microalgae in Germany in order to develop and distribute innovative products with health-promoting ingredients. Take a look at DE-ÖKO-006.

Based on our prorietary production technology with German bio-certificate, our know how and our experienced team, we are advancing our in-house R&D projects as well as are offering customization for or joint developments with our business partner.

With our nutraceuticals product portfolio our goal is to contribute to your well-being. MIAL’s range of services encompasses the entire value chain of development of Products and manufacture of all standard dosage forms.

We work on high quality standards, innovative technologies and a clear future orientation. For request of specific formulations kindly contact us.

We work with business partners from the industry and leading research institutes on european level to explore further and raise the potential of algae and the potential of combining their health-promoting ingredients.