French and German microalgae expert companies announce strategic collaboration.

Stellengesuche - MIAL - deutsche Bio Chlorella

AlgoSource, Saint-Nazaire (France) and MIAL GmbH, Bad Zwischenahn (Germany) new partnership will lead to the development and sale of novel 100% natural microalgal nutraceuticals, to support human’s health and well-being.

The two European firms recently agreed into a strategic collaboration that will contribute increasing high-quality and European-based natural microalgae products range which matches the consumer’s expectations and its search of natural products that support health and well-being.

Alexandra Mosch, General Manager of MIAL GmbH, states : “Collaborating with AlgoSource is giving us access to their strong know-how in algae extraction and biorefinery. We are convinced that in combination with MIAL’s expertise, this will lead to a wider range of valuable products for our customers in the future.” 

Olivier Lépine, AlgoSource General Manager: “After knowing each other since 2015, now joining forces with MIAL is giving us access to MIAL’s proprietary, organically-certified production know-how as well as its product development expertise. We aim to broaden our product offer with premium quality nutraceuticals in strikingly new formulations for the mutual benefit of AlgoSource, MIAL and our customers.”

As a first direct result of this agreement, AlgoSource just launched the distribution of MIAL’s organic Chlorella: the first to be produced in Germany in accordance with the German and European organic standards. AlgoSource has been appointed by MIAL as exclusive distributor for this product in France.

Meanwhile, MIAL is introducing in the market AlgoSource’s Spirulysat®, an extract from fresh spirulina, particularly rich in the naturally blue pigment called phycocyanin, polysaccharides and vitamins. MIAL has been appointed by AlgoSource as the exclusive distributor for Spirulysat® in Germany.

New products will be presented in the near future and will combine the unique know-how of MIAL in terms of microalgae organic production and the expertise of AlgoSource in producing active extracts with preserved functionalities.

AlgoSource, based on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean covers the whole value chain of microalgae valorization. In 1993, its subsidiary Alpha Biotech started the cultivation and transformation of microalgae. Since 2008, the AlgoSource Technologies branch performs R&D and engineering, thus contributing in both private and public projects. In 2016, AlgoSource has grown up to 20 employees and its activity reached 1,5 million euros.