About us

Mialis - Deutsche Bio-Chlorella

We are a member of:

CLIB Cluster Industrial Biotechnology, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

EABA – European Algae Biomass Association

Ms. Alexandra Mosch, Managing Director of MIAL, works as a member of the board of the standards committee of the environmental protection committee (NAGUS) and is a member of the Workgroup 218 ( “Algae”) CEN – European Committee for Standardization.

Our BioChlorella is superfood – supports the body through its versatile effectiveness. We are convinced that microalgae and microalge-derived products will play an increasingly important role and become an essential part of our daily nutrition.

As Microalgae are rich in valuable ingredients such as vitamins, essential amino acids, Omega 3 (DHA, EPA), trace elements and antioxidants. We use these valuable ingredients to develop innovative natural products that support a health-conscious nutrition, healthy lifestyle as well as personal well-being.

We at MIAL stand for 100% quality. Quality by MIAL standards means bio-quality over the whole production process.

Microalgae are resource-conserving, vegan and low fodmap.